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Core partners


KOAN CONSULTING is a Spanish consultancy company established in 2000 that brings together a selected group of experts globally dedicated to various lines of tourism development, with a special emphasis in sustainable tourism as a partnership for development and cooperation. KOAN is deeply involved in the development of projects related to heritage interpretation, as training programmes for guides in natural and national parks, and training of site managers;as to interpretive plans for cultural and natural sites and destinations. KOAN links the heritage interpretation to the tourism development.



ARIS operates in the fields of vocational training, research and consultancy. Aris is the agency set up by Legacoop Umbria Association in 1987 in order to support the whole cooperative regional movement operating in different sectors such as social and health care services, social inclusion, banking and assurance, consumers and large scale distribution, housing, agriculture, facility management and tourism. Aris led the LdV ToI project Highlight the Competences, which main outcome have been the first ECVET Memorandum of Understanding MoU signed in Europe.

TRADENET The main activity of Tradenet Global Vocational training organizer – Innovative Nonprofit Ltd. is the human-resource supply management; however the organization is also engaged in educational activities, and provides labor-market services. Its target groups are primarily disadvantages job seekers living in rural areas – especially in region Pannonhalma (West-side of the country). We provide labor-market services for job seekers, as well as organizing trainings, mentoring their carriers and place them in the open labor market. In order to finance the activities, the organization applies for EU funds with great success and results. 


Diesis is a non-profit European Research and Development Service for the Social Economy, Cooperatives, and participative Enterprises. Its mission is to support the development of the social economy and, in particular, of cooperatives and social enterprises in Europe and in the world via the implementation of knowledge-based activities, such as training, project design, consulting and advisory services, technical assistance and research. Its members are Enterprises, federations, advisory and development groups, as well as organisations specialised in the know-how transfer recognised as being part of the social economy in Europe and worldwide. 


BEST Institut für berufsbezogene Weiterbildung und Personaltraining GmbH, Austria was founded in 1987 as an independent vocational qualification institute. Its main activities comprise adult education, vocational qualification, guidance of unemployed people and training of key qualifications for re-integration into the labour market. As one of the first training institutes in Austria, BEST has become a certified Eco-C-centre (European Communication Certificate) and provides respective trainings and tests. Within its International Projects Department, BEST shows long experience of cooperation more than 100 European projects, both as coordinator and partner.

Consorzio ITACA

Consorzio Itaca is a Co-operative Consortium operating at National and International level formed by 34 cooperatives from all Italy. The consortium offers quality and express services to enable the development models through the integration of professionalism and best practices. ITACA qualify and give strength to the processes of businesses growth, intervening and collaborating with stakeholders. The " ITACA NETWORK” develops collaborating processes with European and international partners formulating and taking part to European Project.


’NEC Notranjski Ekološki center, Cerknica (NEC)’ – established in 1995 is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation which operates as a competence centre for project management, entrepreneurship and sustainable development in Slovenia. Its target groups are small and micro companies, farms, young and rural populations, local and regional communities in small rural environments, high in biodiversity and cultural heritage which are also an important source of economic and employment development. From 2009 NEC manages a thematic network of NGOs for the interpretation of heritage in Slovenia. The network consists of more than 70 members.